Wholesale Policies



In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, you must operate a registered business. A business registration certificate and/or photos of your retail space MAY be requested.

Examples: Natural Product Retailer, Eco-Lifestyle Store, Bath & Beauty Boutique, Wellness Spa, Hair Salon, etc.  Home and mobile businesses, may be acceptable, but will be evaluated prior to approval on a case by case basis.

Pure Anada is committed to servicing independent, locally owned retail establishments, as opposed to mass-market, discount, big-box stores. We feel this is the best reflection of our brand and product in the retail space.

* Licensed beauty professionals (estheticians or makeup artists), who use Pure Anada products for their services, but do NOT have a business registration number are not eligible for wholesale pricing.  If you fall into this category, please email wholesale@PureAnada.ca for the qualifications necessary to receive a Beauty Professional discount.  


ORDER ONLINE (Preferred) - Place your order on this website.  Our shipping department will receive it, create an invoice and email it to you with a request for payment. 

ORDER FORM (Obsolete) - Due to the large number of products and variations we offer, we are no longer going to update our order form. If you do wish to use an manual form, you are welcome to create your own and email it to us: orders@pureanada.ca OR print and fax it to: 1-204-822-4148  


As long as you meet the criteria above, there is no minimum order.  


  • FREE shipping on wholesale orders over $200.00 within North America. 
  • Orders under $200.00 will be charged the exact cost of shipping.  
  • Orders within Canada are shipped from Morden, Manitoba via Canada Post Expedited Service.  
  • Orders to the USA are shipped from Walhalla, North Dakota via United States Postal Service or FedEx Ground.  
  • International clients are required to arrange shipping at their own expense.  
  • Upgraded shipping options can be accommodated at your own expense.  


We require full payment prior to shipping.

CREDIT CARD: When your invoice is emailed to you, there will be an option to pay via credit card.  Or if you wish to call it into our office directly, phone: 1-866-569-2714

CHEQUE: Please make cheques payable to: Pure Anada Inc. and send to: Pure Anada Inc, Box 2536, Morden, MB, R6M 1C2

E-TRANSFER: Send e-transfer payment to: pureanada@gmail.com and notify us of your security code.  


Typically, orders are packaged and shipped within 1-3 days after we receive your order. 

If we are short a product, we will contact you to determine if you prefer us to ship immediately, or once the product becomes available.


We do not enter into formal exclusivity agreements with our retailers, as we believe that each business reaches its own unique sphere of influence.  However, we are mindful of over-saturation.  In towns and small cities, we find that one natural product retailer, and one beauty salon who actively promote the brand is a good balance.  Larger cities are more complex situations.  So while we don't have a formal policy, we will try to work with our retailers who are doing their best to represent Pure Anada in their area.     


It is not permitted for approved retailers to resell Pure Anada via a third party online retailer without the permission of Pure Anada.  This includes discount website such as Amazon, E-bay, Walmart. 


MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)

We are not allowed to set specific resale pricing on our products, however we do have the right to terminate our wholesale agreement with any retailer that advertises our products for less than our manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP), which is listed on on this website. 

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

Advertised sales, coupons and discounts are allowed on our products, however they must be short-term and agreed upon with Pure Anada.  If you are found to have on-going sales or discounts available on our product, which puts them under MRSP constantly, your wholesale agreement will be terminated. If you have any questions about a sale, coupon or discount that you would like to offer, please email Candace@PureAnada.ca


Our testers, are full size products marked as “not for resale”.  Please check testers on a yearly basis to make sure they do not smell rancid. An unclean set of old testers is unappealing to customers.

FREE TESTERS: Testers are provided for FREE with the purchase of a retail collection. 

1/2 PRICE TESTERS: For subsequent orders, individual testers are available for ½ price when you purchase 4 or more of that exact product. Exception: Mascara - requires 12 units to receive ½ price tester.


The best way we have found to offer your customers skincare samples, is to purchase empty capsules and blank label sheets from us, from our retailer supply category. Have them available in your storefront, and offer to send your guest home with a sample of the product they are interested in.  Fill the capsule with product from your display tester, and write the product name on the label.  

CUSTOMER RETURNS (open products)

We will gladly accept returns on opened cosmetics that are defective (product or packaging).   

We cannot accept customer returns if your customer chose the wrong colour.  Please have a return policy in place for your own store, and strongly encourage consumers to use the testers prior to purchasing the full size item.  Keep your testers fresh (see above TESTER policy) so the line is attractive and appealing. 

We also cannot accept returns on expired products.  See "Shelf Life & Product Rotation" below for guidelines. Keep your stock fresh to ensure you don’t sell outdated products to your customers.  

Please download and complete this Customer Product Return Form - Fax or email it back to us at: orders@pureanada.ca   A credit memo will be applied to your account. 

*We may or may not ask for you to ship the product back to us for inspection.  If we do, it will be at our expense.  

RETURNS  (unopened products)

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We offer a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on opening orders (including displays and collections).   If, after this time you do not believe the Pure Anada will be a good fit for your retail location, you are welcome to return it back to us for a full refund (minus the cost of shipping to and from your location).   Guarantee valid for 60 days after the ship date.

PRODUCT QUALITY GUARANTEE: If upon receiving the product or shortly thereafter, the product appears to be unacceptable to sell (for whatever reason), please make us aware so we can rectify the situation.  Please have ready the lot number of the product in question, as well as photos if applicable.  

RESTOCKING FEE: Unopened product returned to us within 6 months after the ship date will incur a 25% restocking fee.   

NO RETURNS: Returns on unopened product will NOT be accepted after 6 months of the ship date.  

To request a return under any of these circumstances, please email our orders department – orders@pureanada.ca


Products manufactured with raw, plant-based ingredients are far more delicate than their petroleum and preservative laced opponents. For this reason, care must be taken to treat organic/natural cosmetics more like food products.  

Due to the natural/organic contents of our skincare products, there is a batch number affixed to the back of each bottle.  The code depicts the month/day/year that the product was manufactured.  For an indication of the shelf life of our products, please read this article in our Learning Centre. For a printable version of this information to have on hand, download the document: Shelf Life of Pure Anada Makeup.  

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for product that has expired on your store's shelves.  Please try to keep it fresh by only ordering enough stock that you expect to sell within 6 months. Be sure to rotate the products on your shelves (including lipsticks and glosses…putting existing ones to the front, and new ones at the back).   If you suspect your stock has turned rancid, please dispose of it for the safety of your client and the reputation of our brand and your store.  


It is our goal to empower our retailers (and their staff) to be confident recommending the Pure Anada product range to their clients on a daily basis.   Confident and educated staff is key to successful merchandising.   We offer a few different options, depending on your needs and location.    

  1. Video Makeovers:  Kristen (our on-staff makeup artist) has produced a series of video makeovers on a wide variety of women.  Watching one of these videos each day, taking notes and then practicing on one another will help your staff members gain confidence in using and recommending Pure Anada products. Link to the playlist HERE.  
  1. Live Online Assistance:  If after watching the videos (above) you have further questions (regarding makeup application techniques, an appointment to connect via phone or online video (via Skype) may be made.  Email Candace for more information: Candace@pureanada.ca